City Centers are the places where IIDA members come together. In each city where they are found, City Centers organize and deliver programs that provide educational and networking opportunities for IIDA mem­bers on a local level. IIDA members may attend any program offered at any City Center in any Chapter.

Each City Center’s governance structure and operation is subject to the bylaws, policies and procedures of  the Chapter. The Chapter Board acts as an umbrella administrative group. IIDA recommends a guideline of 10 or more Members in a geographic area or city before forming a City Center. However, IIDA Recognizes that it is the commitment and level of interest of members that is most important.

IIDA Indiana currently has two City Centers: Fort Wayne and Indianapolis.

Fort Wayne City Center Committee Members include:

  • Co-VP City Centers Fort Wayne: Cally Williamson, Professional IIDA
  • Director of Membership: Melissa Headrick, Associate IIDA
  • Programs Co-Chair: Lynn Smith, Associate IIDA
  • Programs Co-Chair: David Harmon, Associate IIDA
  • Student Affairs Chair: Abeer Saeed, Associate IIDA
  • Social Media Chair: Nika Petric, Associate IIDA
  • Advocacy Chair: Melissa Hall, Professional IIDA

If you are interested in becoming involved in the Fort Wayne City Center please contact:

Cally Williamson, Professional IIDA
Co-VP City Centers Fort Wayne

Indianapolis City Center Committee Members include:

  • Co-VP City Centers Indianapolis: Brooke Sheehe, IIDA
  • Director of Industry Membership:  Jessica Bohac, Industry IIDA
  • Director of Associate Membership: Kelsey Reker, Associate IIDA
  • Programs Co-Chair: Samantha Blackmore, Associate IIDA
  • Programs Co-Chair: Jessie Flagle, Associate IIDA
  • Graphics Chair: Ali Peterson, Professional IIDA
  • Student Affairs Chair: Alex Travis
  • Social Media Chair: Taylor Pietruch, Associate IIDA
  • Sponsorship Co-Chairs: Kim Dutkosky, Professional IIDA
  • Sponsorship Co-Chair: Mary Bonin, Associate IIDA
  • Advocacy Chair: Cynthia Rumas, Student Member

If you are interested in becoming involved in the Indianapolis City Center please contact:

Brooke Sheehe, IIDA
Co-VP City Centers Indianapolis